Member Practices

Nightingale Emergency Vets is a joint venture between Hale Veterinary Group and Garden Veterinary Group. Member practices are practices who have subscribed to the service offered by Nightingale Emergency Vets.  

Member practices have kindly agreed to support our approach to emergency care by aligning with protocols which enable us to run effectively, and provide the best possible care and customer service a situation allows.  

These protocols cover areas including (but not limited to) clinical practice, handovers, history and information sharing, partnership working, timings, and finance.  

This partnership enables us to provide emergency care at a discounted rate for Member Practices. 

Practices who are not Members, will have arrangements with other out of hours services, such as those in Bath, Bristol, and Swindon. 

We are delighted that the following practices are members:


Hale Veterinary Group

(founding practice)


Garden Veterinary Group

(founding practice)


Chalkland Vets


Calne Vet Centre